Peace River Riders

You've got the wheels we've got the club!

Great to see all our friends at WWIV. Yes it's that time again to start thinking WWV. Registration is open.  Don't worry though, the Wings will waiting for the riders when they return, along with two of our favorite beerveridges. Stay tuned to this page to see what interesting items we come up with. Just too whet your appetite, consider coming in Friday and spending the weekend. Why?

The Peace River Riders, hosts of WWV holds its annual Inalienable Right to Ride Ride July 4th. A leasurely ride around the county just to warm up for....

The 23rd annual Freedom Swim. That's right, every year hundreds of people embarq on a journey across the mile and half wide Charlotte Harbor. Along with swimmers there are water craft of every description, pilots of every costume. Here is a link to the 2013 Freedom Swim, The Peace River Riders will be riding in the morning and then jumping in the Harbor for a pleasant swim. Don't worry, we only lose a couple of members each year.

And even more to come so stay tuned.  Follow Wheels and Wings at and let your friends know about it. There is still time if you think of any new ideas that might add to the mayhem, I mean fun so let us know.

This month we are going to add to the website some links to legal support. No one wants to be involved in an accident, but we all have friends or friends of friends that have had that misfortune. Here in Florida there are some specific steps we as riders must do to protect our rights after an accident. Attorney Jim Dodson has provided us a link that allow us to find out just exactly what those steps are. The link to his page is on our PRR positions page and for a while will be displayed here. I've met Jim and he has consulted with one of our members that was involved in an accident not to long ago. Oh and by the way he is a club member and rides a bicycle as well.



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