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Grant Application


The Peace River Bicycle Club (PRRBC) was established in 2009 and is dedicated to the encouragement of all aspects of bicycling. The mission of the Club is to sponsor and support recreational cycling activities; to encourage bicycling as a leisure activity, as a beneficial form of exercise, as a method of transportation, as a sport; and to promote equal road rights and smart bicycling practices. PRRBC is an active member of our communities with bicycling as the backdrop for this activism. PRRBC is an all volunteer association.

Every year, a portion of each registration fee for PRRBC's Wheels and Wings Ride is put aside for our PRRBC Grant Program. The amount available for grants each year will be determined after the event approximately the end of September. This year grants up to $2000 will be considered.


PRRBC has created the PRRBC Grant Program as a vehicle to best award financial grants to those organizations whose programs best fulfill the PRRBC mission. Proposals will also be evaluated on the vision, goals and needs of the applying organization.


PRRBC welcomes projects of all types that contribute to the PRRBC mission listed above.

While any organization may submit a grant request, the project must be focused and completed within Charlotte County, Florida.

Most projects are expected to run for a single year. If projects will be multi-year, please explain why in your proposal.

A new PRRBC Grant application must be submitted each year, unless previously designated and approved as a multi year project.

Be concise; generally four pages is better than 12.

Please do not spend energy explaining the benefits of cycling, you are preaching to the choir.

We do not fund, helmet and light giveaways. We do not question the value of such but feel that smart bicycling is better served by bicycle handling skills, route selection, situational and positional awareness and increasing ridership.


Project Proposals will be reviewed annually, and are due by the 15th of October each year.

Please provide complete and concise information prior to the due date. We ask that each organization complete a proposal using the format below and submit only one application per calendar year. You may submit questions to Subject line to read Grant Request. PRRBC will strive to answer your questions within a couple days.

The PRRBC grant committee will review proposals during the following 30 days after the submission deadline and present its recommendations to the full PRRBC board that generally meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month. A written response will be sent to the organization requesting grant with an answer approximately 60 days after the submission deadline.

Please submit electronically (Word or PDF) by email to or mail a hard copy document to,  PRRBC – Grants, 1640 Atares Dr, #15, Punta Gorda FL. PEACE RIVER RIDERS – Grant Application PRRBC, 1640 Atares Dr, #15, Punta Gorda FL



1.1 Project Name

1.2 Organizational Information and a brief description of organization

1.3 Project Summary (Problem/Need/Situation) (2-3 Sentences)

1.4 Budget Summary

1.4.1 Amount of funds requested

1.4.2 Amount of requesting organizations funds to be used. Please break up the man hours and material.

1.4.3 Total funds needed for project

1.5 Team Leader/Primary Contact Person

1.6 Other Project Team Members


2.1 In a narrative or short answer form, describe the project's objective and plan for implementation including:

2.1.1 Goals and objectives

2.1.2 Scope of work

2.1.3 Methodology/approach

2.1.4 Work plan: tasks, team member roles

2.1.5 Schedule/timetable

2.1.6 Potential for future phases

2.1.7 Measures for evaluating the success of your project

2.1.8 Budget (please use a table or spreadsheet) Total grant request Categories of expenses (materials, equipment, labor, consultants, etc) Schedule of payment request. Other Funding Sources

2.1.9 Relevant qualifications and experience of team members

2.1.10 Address whether similar projects have been done at other institutions, if known.


Based on grant award, if any. Monies may be awarded on approval or as needed based on the request and approved award.


Award recipient organizations are required to submit a final report after completion of the project. The report will include:

1 Description of the development process.

2 Final expense report

3 Commentary on achievement of program objectives.

4 Plans for program sustainability

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