Peace River Riders

You've got the wheels we've got the club!



to the Peace River Riders bicycling club in Charlotte County, Florida! A county whose geographical center is known to be Port Charlote and whose historical city of Punta Gorda borders Charlotte Harbor, the termination point for one of Florida's longest rivers, the 106-mile long beautiful Peace River.

And it was among these lands and far-reaching waterway, where "Peace River Riders", a recreational bicycling club for all ages and abilities got its start.

Peace River Riders Bicycle Club is a collective voice promoting and fostering a safe and active cycling culture in our community. We provide a central hub to unify the many diverse groups, teams, and organizations that are involved in our cycling community.

Peace River Riders are working to incorporate essential elements for increased cycling across five categories known as the Five E's: Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, and Evaluation and Planning.

By encouraging a vibrant cycling community we have a great opportunity to build a bicycle infrastructure that will benefit bike tourism and also encourage everyday cyclists to ride to work and run errands as an alternative to driving. To this end we provide a Grant program providing seed money for cycling progects in Charlotte County open to any organization that meets the club's goals and ambitions.

The club also supports the Do the Right Thing (DTRT) program a national organization adopted by the Punta Gorda Police Department in 1995, dubbed “Do the Right Thing,” is working to instill positive attitudes and self-esteem in local youth by publicly recognizing them for their achievements, whether their accomplishments involve academics, athletics, community service, conservation, or any other effort where a child is trying his or her best to “do the right thing”.

Whatever your level of proficiency, from beginner to speed racer, our club offers enthusiastic cyclists many ways of getting out to do more riding.

So, come learn, ride and grow with us !



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